The AELA brand is a product developed by YOYO Design & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in London, England, authorized by Linzhi e-commerce manufacturing and sales and after-sales service in Yiwu City, China.

YOYO Design and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of microphones. It has always been to meet the needs of customers for sound as the starting point. With innovation as the core product, we will sell products to all parts of the world through the Internet to spread AELA's understanding of the sound concept: sound needs high quality And we need AELA. To recite the wonderful things in the world, the sound of nature is with you.

We have strong technology development capabilities and a complete after-sales system as well as high-quality suppliers. Let the distinguished you feel more comfortable in the process of using AELA products. For Chinese users, our microphone circuit board is guaranteed for 2 years (the circuit board is only replaced without repair after sale). Repair services for overseas users are sold by overseas agents. AELA's excellent quality and responsible after-sales attitude is the best choice for your microphone audio equipment.

AELA will use perfect products and responsible management concepts to move the Chinese market, making AELA more and more perfect in schools, live broadcasts, homes and recording studios.


                             Sincerely thank you for your support to AELA, and I wish you a happy use!

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